Is it time to quit?

Feb 26, 2021

- 30 questions to figure out if it si time to quit your job,  team, or company!


Being stuck in a not right position may take a toll on your self-confidence and reduce your overall quality of life. However, before you resign, you might want to do a final check on why you want to quit your job. Is it the job tasks, your manager, your team, your paycheck, your company, or all of the above? Sometimes getting into a new team, responsibilities, or boss will give you the change you need to feel fulfilled. Here are some signs that can help you decide if it's time to leave your job, your team, your boss, or your company for a better fit:


If answering yes to (cross off) three or more of the next ten questions and the situation has lasted for a while, you may need a new attitude, boss, or team.


  1.  Your title and pay do not describe your level of responsibility, and your manager agrees without doing anything about it.
  2.  Your manager is giving you more responsibilities without giving you the authority to execute.
  3.  The management has promised you a promotion that never seems to come.
  4.  Others take credit for your contribution.
  5.  You're not growing or learning anything new.
  6.  You are no longer invited to meetings nor given the information needed to do your job.
  7.  Your company will not pay your market value.
  8.  You dislike your boss or the people with whom you are working.
  9.  Your manager or team meets your proposals and ideas with ridicule, silence, or denial.
  10.  A less competent colleague passes you over for promotion.

If answering yes to (cross off) two or more of these ten questions, you may need different tasks and a new job.

  1.  After the training and months at work, you can't accomplish your target goals.
  2.  You take substantially more time than others with your level of experience to finish tasks.
  3.  You're working insane hours but can never catch up.
  4.  You train to behave in a way that feels exceptionally unnatural and awkward to you.
  5.  You can't seem to meet expectations no matter how hard you try.
  6.  You're not excited about the work that you're doing.
  7.  You are bored.
  8.  You hate your job and know it is time to quit, but you're afraid to leave.
  9.  You know you are doing work that is not commensurate with your abilities.
  10.  You leave the workplace exhausted most days.

If answering yes to (cross off) one or more of the final ten questions, you need to consider leaving the company.

  1.  You don't feel that you nor your company have an impact on the world.
  2.  You think or feel that you are compromising your integrity.
  3.  You dread going to work.
  4.  Your company is sinking.
  5.  You regularly feel stressed, depressed, or unhappy at work.
  6.  Your physical health suffers due to work-related stress.
  7.  You are experiencing verbal abuse or harassment.
  8.  You know there is illegal behavior at work.
  9.  You feel disrespected by your team, boss, or your company.
  10.  Deep inside, you know that you will be happier elsewhere.


NOTE: These questions are only to help you think through your position and should never replace your good judgment. Only you know your situation and what is right for you.

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