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From Sick Leave to Leadership Position

I was someone who had achieved many exciting things and realized great results both in elite sports and in the workplace, both nationally and internationally.

But then I found myself in a situation where my world collapsed, and my personal foundation disappeared.

It was during this period that I was fortunate enough to meet Monica Brante. She helped me find myself again, regain my self-belief, and rebuild my foundation. She guided me and helped me see my potential once more.

I am incredibly grateful for the support and help I received from her, which resulted in me securing a fantastic position where they can get the best out of me, and I can thrive. Those who get the opportunity to receive help from Monica are incredibly lucky.

Aadne Pettersen, Oslo.

Beate St√łrkson,¬†

 Monica made my career Clarity Made Easy by helping me see that I had the power and knowledge to start my first company at age 25 by asking me the right trigger questions and providing me with the right help and motivation. Based on her input, I was so inspired that I worked the whole night after our first meeting, and two days later, I started. SaveIT quickly became the number one Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provider in Norway at the time.

Tom Karlsen
Sales Manager

Career Clarity Made Easy has been a true eye-opener and helped me realize my abilities and true potential while helping me get clarity, in a big way, on what I can do and my real strengths. I landed a job I thought was out of my league. The ROI is off the charts.

Jonas Min

Monica empowered me to uncover my hidden strengths, allowing me to effectively identify and leverage my unique skills. Through her mentorship, I learned to position my expertise for maximum impact, mastering the art of effective self-presentation.

How you feel when you're in a job you dislike.

‚ĚƬ† ¬†Frustration: Feeling stuck in a job that doesn't utilize your skills or passions.

‚ĚƬ† ¬†Anxiety: Worrying about the unknowns of the job market and the competitiveness of job applications.

‚ĚƬ† ¬†Uncertainty: Not knowing where to begin or how to effectively search for a new job.

‚ĚƬ† ¬†Low Self-Esteem: Doubting your abilities and wondering if you're good enough for a better job.

‚ĚƬ† ¬†Financial Strain: Feeling underpaid and struggling to make ends meet.

‚ĚƬ† ¬†Lack of Direction: Not having a clear idea of your dream job or what industries to target.

‚ĚƬ† ¬†Burnout: Struggling with poor work-life balance, feeling constantly drained and lacking energy

‚ĚƬ† ¬†Isolation: Feeling alone in your job search without adequate support or guidance.

Feelings my students have after landing their new jobs

Satisfaction: Enjoying a role that aligns with your passions and utilizes your skills.

 ✅   Confidence: Feeling assured in your abilities and proud of your accomplishments.

 ✅   Clarity: Having a clear career path and goals to strive towards.

 ✅   Fulfillment: Finding meaning and purpose in your work, leading to greater job satisfaction

 ✅    Financial Stability: Experiencing relief and joy from earning a salary that reflects your worth.

 ✅   Work-Life Balance: Achieving a healthier balance between your professional and personal life, allowing more time for yourself and loved ones.

 ✅   Energy and Motivation: Feeling energized and driven to excel in your new role, with renewed enthusiasm and vitality.

 ✅   Recognition and support: Being valued and appreciated by your new employer and colleagues.