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I teach unfulfilled employees and job seekers the steps for building self-confidence while creating attractive personal brands and using proven job search strategies to land desirable jobs with ease.

- Even if they are confused about what they want or have lost all hope and belief in themselves.

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Best book on job searching

1. Get Clarity

Discover how to build a career based on your unique natural strengths and skillset, which fuels you with energy and enables you to live the life you want. Experience your confidence and ambitions growing

Attract recruiters

2. Get Interviews

Launch your job search process: Define your authentic brand and implement job search strategies leveraged by your strengths, expertise, and personality.

Monica Brante career counselling online

3. Land the Job

Supercharge your job search and elevate your market value with coaching and support, honing your interview and negotiation skills.

Working with Monica

 Male CFO, 39

"It worked! They gave me 10% more and overtime! Thank you."


Female Project Lead, 34


"I am thrilled and look forward to this opportunity. I can't express how grateful I am for all the help and support you and your team have given me during this process! Thank you so much!

Male, BD Exec turned CEO, 59


"I signed with the Company today. Thank you for all your help throughout the process. 

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